Mercedes Parts and Accessories

There are a number of aftermarket or factory options available allowing you to easily replace worn leather upholstery, or maybe even just give it a different style altogether. Regardless of how it’s done, there are re-upholstery options available so you won’t have to give up your morning coffee.

Seat Covers:

Take comfort and protection a step further with custom seat covers designed to slip easily over existing seats, providing them with a layer of protection while also adding comfort, style, and distinction to your interior with materials ranging from sheepskin to neoprene. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, seat covers are a great way to help keep your leather in pristine condition.

Floor Mats:

Thankfully, there is a vast selection of aftermarket or factory Mercedes floor mats to replace any existing sullied ones. Or better yet, purchase a set of rubber or impermeable all-weather Mercedes floor mats to save you the hassle of constantly shampooing, vacuuming and cleaning carpeted ones.

Floor Liners:

Many people overlook the lining of their vehicles that exists beneath the floor mats, and fail to realize that dirt and moisture can soil the carpet lining as well. Fortunately, a number of replacement Mercedes floor liner options are available in numerous colors, styles, and materials, including heavy duty waterproof liners that protect from stains, spills, and more.


When it comes to the exterior of your Mercedes, it’s all about style. A Mercedes on its own represents distinctiveness, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t at least a few touch-ups that can set you apart from the crowd. A wide variety of Mercedes parts are available that can give yours that added bit of flair and uniqueness that you’re looking for.


While Mercedes vehicles are typically equipped with stock alloy wheels to begin with, incredible value and the massive availability of custom chrome and alloy wheels just might make you think twice about adding some aftermarket wheels. With such a wide selection of sparkling chromes and alloys available in styles ranging from sporty, to classy, to eye-catching, you’re sure to find a set of wheels that will spark your fancy.

Car Covers:

Custom, vehicle-tailored bmw x5 cover are the perfect way to protect your vehicle’s paint job, as well as its exterior components, from sun, precipitation, dust, and any other foreign objects that could prove potentially damaging to your vehicle. Available in either indoor or outdoor varieties, the use of a car cover need not be limited to vehicles looking to be stored for prolonged periods of time. A car cover can also provide a much-needed bit of shade for those particularly hot days.

Chrome, Chrome, and more Chrome:

From chrome grilles, to chrome exhaust tips, to chrome door handles and mirror covers, a vast array of Mercedes parts for chrome detailing are available to outfit your ride. But don’t limit yourself to just factory Mercedes parts, as a number of aftermarket sources provide Mercedes parts that meet or exceed their factory counterparts and are far more affordable.

Car Care and Upkeep:

While a summertime wash is what immediately comes to mind when the sun begins the season of its prime, a simple wash could always be taken a step further to help extend the life of your vehicle’s appearance in the long run, or restore its former flash. That means you can return the car within that time and swap it for another pre-owned Mercedes of equal value (or greater value, if you want to pay the difference). Vehicle accessories are becoming a popular way for owners to customize their vehicles, to add some pizzazz to the look of their “home away from home”. Mercedes Benz owners are no different; they want their car to reflect more of them than a standard floor model can. However, most people become overwhelmed when searching for accessories. The following tips will help to take some of the mystery out of accessory buying. The members of the club will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have whether they be about accessories or motor oil. The internet is hands down the best place to start the search for anything having to do with accessories. There are stores that deal genuine Mercedes Benz accessories, places that handle generic accessories and even some that offer used parts for your cars’ customization. There are several on these auctions sites online, therefore, there is no doubt that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Why Buy Genuine Mercedes Parts

It’s important to fit genuine parts to your Mercedes-Benz car, van or truck and I hope to outline some of the reasons to you in this article. Firstly and perhaps in a way the most important reason is to think why you bought a Mercedes vehicle in the first place. Most likely one of the primary reasons was its image and reputation. The image was built up over a number of years primarily because of the Mercedes brand’s reputation for build quality and reliability. If you were to fit a non genuine part to your Mercedes, then surely it’s no longer a Mercedes? OK the vast majority of it may be, but the parts that you fit to it aren’t. So let’s take brake parts for an example. If you fit a set of non genuine brake disks and pads to your Mercedes Van, then you are driving a Mercedes van with non Mercedes brakes. Therefore the reliability of Mercedes brakes, the stopping distance and feel of those brakes are all non standard. Doesn’t that detract from the reason that you bought your Mercedes van in the first place?

It’s important to realize that when a vehicle manufacturer such as Mercedes designs a car or van, they spend a large amount of time and money on designing and testing each individual component. This ensures reliability and optimum performance within the specifications of the vehicle. Of course third party manufacturers spend money on such things too, but their budgets and research and engineering facilities are tiny in comparison. The final thing to consider is the warranty that you get with genuine Mercedes Parts. In the case of Mercedes cars and vans, you get a very generous 2 year warranty with all parts. This warranty isn’t affected by the mileage covered on the vehicle either giving you further piece of mind that no matter how many miles that you cover in your van, you can be sure that the warranty still applies. Mercedes Truck parts have a different warranty in place. They benefit from a 12 month warranty, with unlimited mileage too. So the next time that you need a Mercedes Parts, consider these things and whether you want to keep your Mercedes, just that – a Mercedes!

5 Reasons to Love the New Mini Cooper

With 200 horsepower replacing the 1960s original 34 horsepower engine of the first Mini Cooper. Its classification as a compact doesn’t seem to hold the same vomit-inducing powers as the Toyota Prius. And they weren’t messing around – the S model is a car that driving enthusiasts and road devils would be proud to have in their “cars that go zoom” arsenal. If you don’t own or have access to a Mini, some car clubs offer non-owners the opportunity to ride along with them during their driving events so they can see first-hand how the car handles and talk all about the fun-size road monster. This vehicle’s fan base is probably one of the most quirky and interesting groups out there – they aren’t shy about proclaiming their love for the tiny terror and some have even taken it as far as compiling lists of their favorite things about the Mini Cooper! The Mini is cute without looking like a chick car. Sure, the female fan base is out there too – but men don’t look less manly behind the wheel of this teeny-tiny compact. If cars could be classified as urbane and metrosexual (ie looks good but is straight) then the Mini Cooper would win hands down. Reason # 3: The advertising campaign may read as the “New” Mini Cooper – but it’s still true to its roots! So many “classic” cars have tried and failed to reinvent themselves. You also still get the “vintage” street legal vehicle without compromising on engine power and actual running parts. Reason # 4: Whether You’re Driving Around the City or Down a Deserted Highway – the Mini will take you where you want to go! The Mini Cooper was built for practicality – you can go for about 400-plus miles on a single tank of gas – which, by the way, won’t require you sacrificing. But if you pack light and want to go on an extended road trip – there aren’t many compacts that will feel as comfortable transitioning from city to highway driving. The same asset that helps lessen unpleasant “settling” car sounds like creaking and rattling of parts also helps protect drivers from the brunt of impacts.

 Mini Cooper Wheels РOne of the Best Wheels That Are Available Today

I am sure that most of you already know that Mini Cooper is a name of a car which is known worldwide for its cute look and great performance on the roads. This car was first introduced in the year 1959 and ever since then the company is launching new model and designs to cater the need of the modern people. Available in different colors and models, this car is popularly known for the wheels or the rims used in them. These rims are one of the best types that you can get in the market. They are durable and assure a long term use. Rims or wheels are actually those round frames which are made of metal. The tires cover these wheels or rims. Their spokes or discs are movable if moved or rotated with the help of tools. These wheels play an important role in improving the performance of your vehicle. They are supposed to be checked properly before you start riding your vehicle. Mini Cooper Wheels are available in many different shapes, styles and sizes. You have a wide range of variety to change or upgrade the look of your vehicle. You can purchase these wheels in styles such as painted (according to the color of your choice), polished, clear-coated, steel wheels and so on. The best thing about these wheels is that they are easily available at a number of online and onsite stores. You can either purchase them from the company’s private outlet center or order them online. If these options do not work for you, you can go to your nearest car equipment store, and purchase these easily.

Large Benefits From Mini Fleet

The new 2009 Mini Cooper is out in the market. All types are available in 6 speed manual transmission and 6 speed automatic transmissions. While the S Base with Turbocharged engine can produce 172 horse power. A new type, John Cooper Works, is available in the market, another type of Turbocharged engine which would produce 208 horse powers. This is a little bit over performance for little car like Cooper. Depending on the engine powers, S type with Turbocharged engine reaches 26 miles per gallon in the city ride and 34 miles per gallon on the highway. Both types of John Cooper Works Bases the same performance. While the non-Turbocharged engine reaches 28 miles per gallon for city ride and 37 miles per gallon for highway ride. For a couple of thousand dollars from Base (accept Clubman), S type appears in better overall overview yet it serves more. But John Cooper Works, both hatchback and station wagon types, show only better speed performance but with automatic transmission and bigger wheel alloys which other types are allowed to be modified with similar specs. All types offer all Cooper’s standard settings. John Cooper Works interior gives more with automatic transmission and leather seats covered. For better price, it is understandable that S type comes first among its brethren. From a test drive, it was noted that the new 208 horse power engine could sprint at 62 miles per hour in 6.5 seconds while S type got 0.3 seconds lag. But hey, who is counting? So, Cooper searcher, it is your call now. S Base, Clubman Base, or John Cooper Works Base, John Cooper Clubman Base or Convertible, it is you to decide.

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